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Teeth Whitening

whitened smile can transform your appearance. In the world of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening reigns supreme. Teeth Whitening is a highly and effective way to achieve the smile you always wanted. Teeth whitening is an affordable procedure...

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We are dedicated to assisting our patients with dentures and bring them back the pleasure of smiling. The best features of dentures today, is that they are customized to provide proper function and comfort...

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Who We are

At Sheridan Dental Care we believe in open-door communications, so you are always welcome to speak to any of our doctors for any dental concern you may have.


Our Technology

We use the most current, effective and conservative techniques and materials that result in healthy and beautiful, long lasting smiles!.

  • Great Customer Service
  • Great Results
  • Best in the Dental Industry
  • State of the Art Technology
  • Major Insurance Plans are accepted
  • Professional Staff



Sheridan Dental Care
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Mark Spencer

“Sheridan Dental Care is a one stop shop! I needed a few extractions, a Root Canal, a Crown, and a denture and they were able to take care of me in just 3 visits. I shopped around for prices and by far, Sheridan Dental Care beat all my quotes. They also gave me a payment plan so it was very easy for me to do all my work. I want to thank all the doctors and staff at Sheridan Dental Care for an excellent job performed! I am very happy with the outcome.”

Julia Wilson

“The office is very clean and cheerful. I was treated with smiles since the minute I got there. I am looking forward to a long lasting relationship with them. They did some fillings and whitening.”

Carlos Soto

“The hygiene department at Sheridan Dental Care is outstanding! I did not have to wait to be seen because they have 5 rooms to see patients. The hygienist has a very soft hand because I did not feel any pain while she was doing my cleaning. She was very knowledgeable thus she explained the importance of maintaining a good oral hygiene. I will recommend Sheridan Dental Care to all my families and friends.”

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